Demo Room

The Demo Room (room 630) is a low-key demo space for attendees to show off narrative games or projects in progress. It will be open 9am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday only.

Events like these are a perfect place to meet potential players and peers and gain some traction or relevant insight for your work!

(The room has tables, chairs, and power, but we will not be able to provide equipment. Please plan to bring your own computer or other demo hardware.)

Some of the works to be seen this weekend:

(All times are approximate. Authors have named times when they plan to show off their work, but plans change.)

(The demo room welcomes walk-ins too! Drop by, sit down with your laptop, show a thing.)

ViNo; Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Legacy Editors and Games - Edmundo Ruiz Ghanem

(Saturday morning, Sunday morning)

Still in the alpha stage, ViNo is a platform to create and publish interactive text-based stories using a visual editor.

Also: Come try out older versions of the Adventure Game Studio Editor and the games featured in the Narrascope talk, "The Little Engine That Could: The History of the Adventure Game Studio Engine, Games, and Community."

Changeling Charade - Ruth Vincent

(Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon)

"Choose-your-happily-ever-after in this interactive, supernatural, Victorian romance!

Changeling Charade is a 450,000-word interactive novel, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

INTRUDER - ghost

(Saturday afternoon)

a short, violent visual novel about the (un)ethics of cloning

Spy Cats Remastered - Ryan Lee Eicheldinger

(Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning)

(MonRiverGames @ WVU Reeds College of Media & Unreal Engine Pittsburgh)

Ever wonder what your cats are up to when you're not home? Perhaps we have the answer, going on secret missions for their spy cat's agency. There are secrets hiding behind every corner, and things to be seen that aren’t to be found on the regularly beaten path. Want to experience their life for yourself? Here’s your chance. Explore the world through the eyes of the spy cats by MonRiverGames.

Project: Iced Coffee - Miko Reyes

(Sunday afternoon)

"Project: Iced Coffee is a narrative mobile game taking place over simulated social media. It follows the player character and their best friend, Skyler, as they untangle a mystery involving international boy band, Half/Titan. The game uses real photography, with photoshoots inspired by real-life boy band sensations like BTS and One Direction.

Despite its stylish veneer of K-pop aesthetics, the narrative takes players into the depths of a ravenous fandom community, and asks them: how far will you go to find the truth?"

The Archivist and the Revolution - Autumn Chen

(Sunday afternoon)

The Archivist and the Revolution is a slice-of-life/romance/history simulator set in a far-future sealed city that has undergone cycles of destruction and revival. You play as Em, a middle-aged woman who is no longer an archivist, as she struggles with rent payments, chronic illness, and the remnants of past relationships.

DendryScope - Jasmine Otto

(Sunday afternoon)

Skein-like interface for debugging and playtesting quality-based narrative games.